SuperDroid Robots tactical robots provide first responders with a quick, easy assessment of dangerous situations from a safe, remote location. One recent customized HD2 Mastiff Tactical Robot is equipped with a MultiRAE HAZMAT sensor and FLIR Thermal camera.

First responders can remotely monitor environmental conditions with the MultiRAE sensor before entering a dangerous area. The sensor detects hazardous levels of gas and radiation then transmits the data to the tablet screen in real-time.

Enhanced visibility of dangerous objects and hidden suspects is possible with the addition of a FLIR Thermal Dual camera. The FLIR displays the thermal energy of objects on the tablet screen. The camera allows the operator to see an objects heat signature in darkness, through smoke and other environmental obscurants.

Find out more about the HD2-S “Mastiff” tactical robot and all of the available options and configurations. See our full line of tactical robots on our dedicated site at


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