Follow up on last weeks “What’s in the Box” Live video on Facebook and Instagram.

The teaser video:

The reveal video:

Cutting bumper stops video:

CO2 Laser Cutter

Inside the box is a 150 watt CO2 laser cutting table. This machine will increase our custom fabrication capabilities at our shop. In the video, the laser quickly cuts three bumper stops from the material. These bumper stops will be used on a custom robot to keep pressure on the batteries and keep the batteries secure. The ability to quickly fabricate parts for our robots ensures our lead times and costs are kept to a minimum, plus the quality of our robots continue to improve.

We had some great questions come in from viewers during our live broadcast. Marty, our robot technician and machinists led the demonstration and answered your questions:
Q. What is the maximum thickness the laser can cut?
A. 1/2 inch thick for wood or plastics.

Q. What software platform does the machine use?
A. RuiDa laser cutting machine software.

Q. What is the focal point of the laser?
A. 55mm focal point with a 2cm lens size.

Q. What types of materials an you cut with it?
A. We can cut and engrave materials like acrylic, plastic, glass, wood, and foam. We are still experimenting with the capabilities of the machine.

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