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    promotional robot
    This forum topic is dedicated to the Promotional Autonomous Arduino Robot we built and programmed. We have a complete dedicated support page for this robot. It took a lot of work. There are a lot of videos, code samples, schematics, etc. all posted on the page. Hopefully our lucky winner will reply back on this thread and let us know how it goes. There is still a lot of work that can be done with this robot, what we did is provide the basic functionality to make it drive remote control with WiFi or to drive around autonomously. Thanks for all the input we received towards the project!


    If I won this Robot, it would make a super 14th Birthday (5/5) for my daughter who has a genuine interest in all things robotic. – she even captained one of her school’s VEX Team. High School is coming in the Fall so this robot would provide her the answer to my questions about what she would spend all of her time on this summer!


    This is awesome! I’m the Electronics and 3D Printing Instructor at The Columbus Idea Foundry ( and we just moved into our new space 2 blocks from The Center of Science and Industry (COSI) and I was planning on building an autonomous “tourbot” to go through our facility – for giving remote tours, and as a security droid (like most hackerspaces, we aren’t in the nicest neighborhood). We have fixed security cameras, but with a 23,000 sq ft first floor, we can’t cover all the angles, so a roving security platform is called for. It would also be great for a roving webcasting platform for our meetups (Raspberry Jams, monthly 3D Printing meetups, and other events).

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    My eight year old son Sam and I have been looking at your site for a solid year. Dreaming of all the cools things we could do with this.

    Sam’s suggestions:
    1. Building this together
    2. Science Fair Project
    3. Driving it up and down our local sledding hill.
    4. Taking the dog for a walk.
    5. Being pulled on skateboard.
    6. Adding homemade accessories.

    It would be a great father son project. If we don’t have a chance to win please send us a coupon. Good luck to everyone!


    I am a semi-retired engineer who volunteers a vast amount of engineering time with “The Works” in Bloomington Minnesota. It is a children’s technology museum. (Its neat, look it up on the internet) I have designed many of the technology exhibits there and repaired / re-engineered many of the other exhibits. Recently we had to remove a very neat and popular robot exhibit by Lego Vex becuause it was unreliable and needed frequent repair because of its constant use by the kids. If I won this robot, it would be used to make a neat robotics exhibit at The Works museum and it would be in almost constant use by kids of all ages.


    I work at a university, where we have robotics contests. I am a coach and judge in the competitions.
    This robot would be a great way for me to coach the teams and let them test/modify the Arduino code to get a better idea of how their plans might work in a finished product. The wheels, especially, are a great addition, since the contests are generally on a flat surface and the robots need to do several maneuverability feats.
    I want to expand on it to add GPS, 11 DOF IMU, and code a custom AI program on my laptop for it to run off of via the WiFi.
    I used to make video games, so I have a lot of AI code stored away. I plan to have it constantly map its surroundings as it moves, and be able to navigate to anywhere it has been via A* pathing on its map. Between the WiFi, GPS, and IMU, I can track elevation, slope grade, exact location, etc.
    With A*, it can track changes in its map (from doors opening/closing, people/ objects moving, etc) and learn to avoid areas where there is a lot of high traffic.
    I am going to stream snapshots from the camera (Maybe a solid video stream, if the connection/arduino can handle it) and let my program run some basic object detection so that it can recognize things like Human, Car, Dog, Etc. It can react differently to each of them.

    The finished product should be an excellent learning tool for the students in the contest, and great fun for my family the rest of the year.

    I would make my program and changes open source as well, to keep in the Arduino/teacher spirit of things.


    Hi I work at MS International its a stone company which we have 15 branches all over the states including one in Canada and my job here is to install RFID system to all the branches to provide locations and better inventory of material which is controlled by a label that has an embedded microchip. we have massive material in which we have aisles and material on both sides and this robot will definitely help me by running this robot on all aisles to make sure we have the product there or its just the label on the floor giving us the wrong location, if I win this robot I would definitely would test and it would become successful I would by on for every branch.


    My family consists of a long line of American Veterans of Foreign Wars.
    My grandfather received a Purple Heart for wounds as a member of the Rainbow Division in France in WWI. My Father and Uncle served in both the Navy and Army in WWII. I served in South Vietnam.

    My family also consists of a long line of American Tradesmen.
    My grandfather was a carpenter working on the Manhattan Project during WWII.
    My Father was a Pipe Coverer and Insulator. I was a Wire Rope Rigger, and my son, the father of two children is an HVAC Journeyman. His children (a boy William 9 and a girl Autumn 11, have a knack for all things mechanical. We have been studying Robotics in our homeschooling program here in Colorado, where there are not as many Robotic activities as there are in other parts of the USA.
    The serious mechanical and technological benefits as are contained in your SuperDroid would go a long way toward advancing our knowledge of Robotics and Programming, and perpetuate the tradition of American Excellence.—Sincerely, Bruce


    I am currently studying electrical and computer engineering in college, and I have had a huge passion for robotics my whole life. I spent my high school career learning about and building robots with a FIRST team, and before that I loved to play with Lego’s and taking things apart to learn how they worked. One of my future goals is to work with robots as a career, building advanced prosthetic limbs, self-driving cars, or rovers that explore other planets! This robot would be a great jump start to my lofty goals.

    I have a lot of ideas on what I could do with this robot. One thing that I am especially interested in is autonomous navigation using different sensors and cameras. I would add an IMU and possibly on onboard computer to do video processing to explore more navigation techniques. The autonomous navigation could be for carrying light loads around campus, or navigating around my apartment. Another idea is to use it to start a team and share the robot with a group. Either way this robot would be a great platform to expand my knowledge and further my education. It would be the perfect tool to apply what I have learned in the classroom.

    Thank you for your consideration,



    I’d really like to see what can be done with outdoor navigation. I’m currently trying to identify a means to create a geofence using bluetooth LE markers along with GPS for a service robot. I may try to integrate ROS Moveit, in order to create a map for locations that will be visited repeatedly. My first task of course would be to make it a little bit more waterproof to protect it from rain during testing. Provided that I can make a suitable map from the geofencing, I would integrate some path planning for agriculture purposes.


    Hi, we are two siblings ages 7 & 9 and we want to help around our house. We saw the robot at the Museum of Life and science and thought it was amazing! Here are just a couple of our ideas…

    1.Cleaning our bonus room
    2.Transport things room to room (laundry and notes)
    3.Walking the dog
    4.Keeping the dog away from the food ( a big problem)
    5.Entertaining guests
    6.Help flatten dirt in the garden
    7.Spying (fun)
    8. A robot would be good for helping around especially when someone is sick.

    So if we get it we’d only use it for good. But if we don’t get it that’s okay with us.


    If I win this robot I will use it in my university “I’m studying at AlBaath university in Homs Syria” and we’re really missing real stuff we only see robots in photos and videos and never seen a real robot before :(
    I’m studying Mechatronics engineering and now me and two of my friends will built a 3D printer to our graduate project and it will take more that two and a half year to complete and it will be the first 3D printer in Syria “people here don’t know about it or about robots a lot” because all these stuff cost a lot “salaries here about 100$ per month” so we will never have the ability to by like this robot, so it’s going to be a great chance to see it and to use it in practical studies specially for us in Syria that we never seen one before.
    I will totally use it in my university just for learning.
    Thanks for this chance
    Tarek Aboabdallah, Syria Homs


    As the owner of RobotBASIC, I have a very unique use for the Robot. RobotBASIC can control real robots – and do so MUCH easier than most other languages. If I won the robot, I would interface it with RobotBASIC and publish the interface on your site to give your customers another option for controlling the robot. Also, I have written dozens of robot-related articles for Servo Magazine and I work to would publish an article about the robot and how to control it with RobotBASIC. More information about RobotBASIC can be found at By the way, RobotBASIC is FREE for everyone.


    Thank You!
    I received the ‘bot in perfect condition, and my initial tests are going great. :)

    This robot is going to help a lot of people. I can’t say enough good about you guys.
    I already have plans to add more functions to the code (Arduino and C#), and I’ll submit my changes to a new fork as I finish them.
    The first addition will probably be integration with iSpy (Open Source IP Camera software). That will allow me to have full control of the camera, and have some added potential benefits later on (Such as object detection/recognition).


    The program is intended as a starting point for the robot. It can be programmed however you want. We used the sweeping sensor to look left and right to see what path was least obstructed. When the robot is driving forward, its looking forward for obstacles and its driving.

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