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    I’m in the process of building a small platform robot that will travel from a fixed location “A” to another fixed location “B” approximately 150ft away on a smooth paved surface, wait an hour, then return to Location “A”.

    My question is what would be the best way for a robot to navigate the distance between Point A and B with repeatable results.

    I’ve looked into GPS/RTK but it appears to not be accurate enough for my usage and also likely too expensive to make it viable. I’ve also looked at basic line following robots but don’t know much about them for long term use.

    Design parameters.

    -The project requires that this be done without any outside interaction with a person.

    -The locations of A & B will never move.

    -Does not need to be fast

    -Must be able to work on both asphalt and concrete

    -must be repeatable

    -Must be precise

    Thank You for any answers provided


    I took a look at the robot you all make that you linked and I neglected to mention that this will be an outdoor robot and not sure that an IPS will work for that, also SLAM appears to be a little overkill (brief research) for my intended use, also it is much to expensive for what I plan to do with it. Would you have any other possible solutions or ideas that would be a little more consumer friendly.

    Also At location “A” there can be a base station, I’m not sure if this would help with naviagtion

    Thank you


    Sorry, but autonomous is not a simple solution and is expensive, especially in small quantities. There is an IPS system that is IP rated. The IPS system is least expensive of the options available for positioning…


    Would fixed path movement be any easier and would it be capable of a Location A->B->A path? possibly a line follower or using a magnetic guide sensor?

    Once again thank you for your recommendations.


    if you are ok with laying magnetic tape, it will work well. you can also lay tape to the side of the track to indicate stopping locations, etc. we will have stock in a couple of days.


    Yes i’m ok with laying tape and/or painting a stripe.

    Thank You, I’ll look into this it might be the way I take this project

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