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     Paul Barton

    I want to control a Hitec winch via a pololu Maestro mini 6 servo controller. How on earth do I get my RC RX to talk to the servo controller. I gather one way to do this might be via a pololu RC Switch with low side mosfet but I really don’t know where to start. All help welcome and gratefully received.
    The ultimate idea is to be able to increase the number of turns that a HS 785HB can take – ie by extending the range of PWM signal.
    Application is in a scale model of a J class yacht. I have a Graupner MZ12Pro TX and RX setup


    Hi. The Maestro servo controllers are not intended to be hooked up to a RC receiver. Its meant to replace the RC receiver. If all you want to do is to increase the PWM pulse width you can get a servo stretcher. It goes in between the RC Rx and the servo and will stretch the servo pulse. We do not sell them, but most RC hobby shops will have them.


    Maybe you need ask this question in your software development engineer?

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