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    A potential customer asked:
    “Hi, I would like to buy a Sabertooth 2×32 but there is one issue. I don’t want that regenerative brake feature at all. It ruins the inertia of heavy precision flywheels of the motors. I’m not capable to program that function away myself so if I buy it would you do it for me before sending the driver out to me?”

    Disabling the regenerative braking mode on a 2×32 only requires a USB to MicroUSB cable and the DEScribe software provided by Dimension Engineering. On the “Motor Outputs” tab in DEScribe, there’re checkboxes labeled “Disable regenerative braking” for each channel.

    For more in-depth information about the Sabertooth 2×32 or DEScribe, please refer to the Sabertooth 2×32 datasheet.

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