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    I bought the “Configurable – IG32-DM4, 4WD All Terrain Robot Platform ” full kit from you guys a while back. With it, I received a transmitter and receiver to control my robot. For the most part, everything works fine. However, once I program the transmitter to the receiver I can only move forward and back. I’ve tried looking at videos on youtube and other sites on how to program the transmitter and receiver but most of the videos and explanations have to do with airplanes. So here goes my question. Do you guys have any videos on how to program the joystick independently so I can turn one wheel or another? I would appreciate it if you guys can offer some advice or if you guys have a different solution I love to hear that as well.



    Hi, Check your wiring of the motor controller. Make sure you have both left motors wired to one channel and both right motors wired to the other channel. Then check what channels you are using on your receiver. We typically put drive and turn on the same joystick. To do this you need to use the elevator and aileron channels.

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