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    I am connecting the encoders from IG42 motors. Can you give me a link to the mating connector that attaches to the encoder connector on those motors?

    I am connecting them to the Dual LS7366R Quadrature Encoder Buffer Breakout Board but don’t need the whole hookup kit, just the mating connector. Should be < 50 cents, but I don’t know how to specify the part.


    For those we suggest our encoder hook-up kit (TE-215-001) as it has the wire, crimps, and headers to help install one of the LS7366R breakouts.

    I would suggest looking at either cutting the connector off and splicing in wire, or pick-up up one of our pull-up boards (TE-179-000) if you want to save the connector. TE-179-000 comes with a 2mm header that can connect directly to the encoder.

    I hope that helps.


    As I mentioned, I don’t need the whole connector kit or the pullup board and honestly, they are a bit expensive since all I need is that 2mm header and I see some very similar ones that are only 0.37 on Jameco. I could order some from there but I am trying to avoid the delays of ordering, finding out the part is not right, trying again, etc.

    Of course I can just cut them off and solder wires, but we may do this for multiple bots and each one has 4 motors, and each encoder has 4 wires, so that is 16 soldering steps per bot that I’d prefer to avoid. Also, if we need to replace a motor, it is good to have connectors to detach rather than soldered connections that have to be cut and re-soldered.

    Bottom line, if you have a link to, or even an exact wording of, the mating connector, I’d really appreciate that.



    Unfortunately, I do not have a part number to provide you.

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