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     Che Martin

    Good Evening,

    I purchased the Flysky RC and omni Vectoring robot. I wired all the robot according to the schematic but have questions on the rc reciever. How to connect the buffer board and the reciever to the adruino? Do I plug from the buffer red and black cable to the unused channel power on the reciever and then use another wire and power pins on another channel in the reciever to connect to the adurino? Also in the schematic there is no channel wire? How to incorporate into wiring Please advise



    Hi Che,
    you can find an example of the encoder buffer wiring here.
    Encoder Buffer Wiring Diagram

    As far as wiring the RC receiver to the Arduino, you want to take the signal wire from the receiver and plug it into an analog input of the Arduino. You will have to do this for all of the channels that you need.

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