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     Chakradhar Reddy

    I need a help regarding the amphibious robot you built. I am a student doing project on the same.please help me with it.
    can you please tell me , is there any software available to do simulation of motion of robot on water surface.
    i would be glad if i can get Report or thesis of the project. it will help me a lot.


    Hello Chakradhar! Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. For our amphibious robot, we didn’t use any software to test performance in the water. We used practical testing to make sure the unit could float and maneuver in the water.

    We have two videos on our Youtube channel showing our tests for the robot.

    We also have our page listing the components and construction of the amphibious robot. This provides an explanation of how it is controlled, connected, built, and operated.

    Since we didn’t use software to test this robot we can’t offer a recommendation on how to simulate this. There are likely programs that would allow you to render a 3D model of your robot in water, but we don’t use any in our department. We’d suggest checking forums on 3D modeling programs for a possible solution.

    We wish you the best of luck with your prototype!

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