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    Hello! I am new here.

    I plan to build a RC controlled mecanum wheel robot. I do not have much experience with coding, but my intention is to use the SDRobots Github code found here:

    First I need to ensure I have the right part list.


    I have four geared motors with encoders. Since this robot is going to just be a RC controlled, I expect it is possible to just not connect the encoder wires, and drive it as a normal DC motor. Will this work just fine?

    Motor controller:

    I plan to use two dual Sabertooth.


    I have an Arduino Uno.

    Radio controller and reciver:

    I have a couple of radios I have used to RC planes and mulitcopters. These have only one centered stick. Will this be just fine? Does the brand and type of controller affect the code?


    I plan to use 3s LiPo battery or a plain lead battery.

    Do I need any other components? In line 29 in this code in line 29 it says “Output signals for TTL Relays” Do I need some relays?

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