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    I bought some Sabertooth dual motor drivers from you. Could you please, explain to me how I should wire/connect to solenoids from hydraulic pumps to able to get tank style steering?

    I have two hydraulic pumps and both have two solenoids (proportional, current control). First solenoid move truck to forward and second solenoid backward. Each pump control one truck.

    Could you please explain to me how I should connect them to dual Sabertooth driver to get tank style steering. I have plan to control them with joystick.

    Best regards
    Jaakko Törmälehto


    We have did the same thing with our hydraulic tank Overkill. Unfortunately it is not too easy. The sabertooth may not be the right answer, we used our PWM motor controllers and a 4 relay board. The motor controllers are really meant for outputting a varying voltage. the promotional solenoids are current driven. Since they do have a resistance, varying the voltage will change the current… The other issue is reversing. The motor controller is only swapping the voltage polarity to reverse the direction of a DC gear motor. Typically there is a different solenoid for forward versus reverse for solenoids. If you have a single solenoid with a center position, that makes things a lot easier, but we have never seen one like that. You might be able to do something with some big diodes. We used a micro controller and the 4 relay board. so when reverse was commanded one relay would turn off and another one would turn on to direct the current to the appropriate solenoid and then you pass the PWM voltage through the relay that supplies the current. Hope this makes sense, but as mentioned its not an trivial task, definitely not plug and play.

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