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    Customer Request:

    Need help please. Want to build an inclinometer and hook it to Ethernet Switch Module – 3 Port 10/100M TE-202-003 what do i need to get please? I want to build a robot that measures angle of slope going up and down.


    There is not an off the shelf solution, but we have all the parts, etc. to make for a easy fun project.

    For the Inclinometer, this accelerometer will do the trick as long as you don’t exceed 2g. We have other inclinometers, gyros, IMUs, etc. listed here too, which would all work the same for this project. It has analog outputs which can be fed into a Arduino. You do not need much power, so the Arduino Uno will work fine. Then the ethernet shield. Here is the link to the 3 port ethernet switch.

    You will have to program the Arduino, or if you want we can provide an estimate for doing it for you.

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