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     Jerome Lowery 

    I saw a YouTube video that is exactly I need to do my project.

    It has am Arduino UNO, a SyRen 10A regenerative motor driver.
    It has a breadboard between them with a Potentiometer on it.
    If anyone would know the exact wiring diagram it would help greatly.
    What I real need is the code to run the Arduino UNO board.
    I am NOT an electrician.
    I have NO programming experience.
    And I don’t want to start learning at 76 years of age.
    ANY and ALL responses would greatly be appreciated.
    Thank You.



    Here is the documentation on the SyRen Arduino library.
    Unfortunately, we do not have any already written code for the SyRen to Arduino interface.

    Depending on your project, have you considered using RC control? That would be a lot easier and involve less code.

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