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    We have a chain driven (using 4 IG52s) bot that is giving us some weird encoder output. Using the SDR pull-up boards (, each encoder channel on each motor is giving us the output below. We suspect that this is a result of our chain drive but would like some input. The problem resolves (almost) completely when the chain is removed from the motor shaft, essentially simulating direct drive. If the chain drive is causing the funky output, what would y’all suggest as a solution? We are hand writing a digital control solution for our bot and thus need as clean an output from each encoder as we can get. Thanks for your time!

    University of Colorado


    Right size images:

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    I have a couple thoughts.

    First, verify and scope your encoder power lines. Is the 5V line going into your encoder noisy and going all over the place? Next, it could also be some sort of signal integrity issue. Are your encoder lines routed with your motor power? Try isolating your encoder power and signals and see if your output changes.

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