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    1) I’m connecting my LS7366R to a motor/encoder from another vendor that has a female JST-PH 6-pin connector. Any suggestions on how to connect from the standpoint of connectors and good/simple cable management?

    2) The LS7366R has a pin for “I”. The motor/encoder has wires for voltage, ground, channel A, channel B, motor + and motor -, but nothing that seems to match “I”. What do I connect to “I”?

    3) My encoder is Hall Effect. Do the pull-up jumpers come connected or unconnected? They look unconnected to me. Do I put a piece a solder between A and B?

    Thanks very much!


    Hi Rob,

    You can look here on how to wire the encoder buffer board.
    The I is for the index if your encoders don’t have it don’t wire it. The encoder buffer board comes with the solder pads already soldered, you don’t need to solder A and B together.

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