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    Have questions or comments on our MLT-JR Treaded Robot or the Programmable Arduino MLT-JR Treaded Robot? Be sure to checkout our support page and let us know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!


    Hello! We just received our MLT-JR robot, but it didn’t come with the assembly instructions we were promised. I can’t find them on your website, so could you possibly send them to us electronically in a pdf or similar?



    The manual for the MLT is provided with the order. Its a download link once you place your order. You need to view your online receipt and there will be a link to download the manual. If you continue to have issues, just use the contact form and reference your order number and we will send you the direct download link. Thank you.


    Is it possible to get a MLT-JR with a flipper/stabilizer? I do not see that listed as an option. Thanks


    Yes, Kinda. as a DIY kit, no. We have no intentions to change the MLT-JR so it can have flipper arms, etc. The cost is too great. If you want the flipper arms, you will need to get the assembled tactical version, sorry. It’s a completely different drive train, wheels, chassis, etc. The only thing that is the same is the molded track.

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