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    Looking to have a robot built for home and termite crawlspace inspections that is set on a lightweight aluminum frame , has 6″ wheels with a 360 degree turn radius, wireless, controlled by remote, 24x zoom color video camera viewable on pc or ipad tablet display, 2 LED rechargeable lights. A retractable 3- 4′ arm that can swivel 360 degrees with camera mounted on arm and a feature to allow probing of wood members to determine if deterioration present. Camera must have photo feature to allow downloading findings into reports. Robot must have 4 hrs on single charge and be rechargeable by AC or car charger adapter. Body should be rugged by water proof or detachable components for ease in cleaning. Less than 50 lbs.Long term use.
    Quote please or can I build relatively easy? I have a crawler which may work well for base but does not have turn radius desired .


    All this can be done. We do not have a off the shelf solution for all your requirements. Please look at our inspection robots. if you can’t find what you need we can custom build a solution. The arm feature will add a lot to the cost… Please fill out our quote request if you want us to build a robot for you: If you want to do it yourself, we have this DIY page:

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