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    Building an RC project , driving and steering will be the back wheels. Front wheels are unguided (think grocery cart wheels).

    I will be supplying two brushless 350watt 24V motors with signal and power from these kind of controllers:

    I wonder if you can recommend any product that can take input from a spektrum receiver (PWM) and supply the throttle signal to these controllers. I’m unsure if they support PWM. A plus point would be to be able to take a gyro to stabilize the path.

    Additionally, I am looking for a product that can mix the signal to steer the RC vehicle using these two brushless motors.
    (direction, speed using these two wheels in a sort of “combat robot”/tank setup).
    Does anyone know if Spektrum DX6 can do the work of mixing channels properly?

    Equipment I currently have on hand:
    2x 24v 350 brushless hub motors
    2x electronic controllers for said motors
    1x Spektrum DX6 + reciever (6CH)
    2x Arduino boards
    5x Sensor (cheap chinese ones)
    1x Sabertooth 2x25A (for brushed motors, won’t be used for the steering / driving)
    1x RC pwm input switch for 1 channel


    Update: Appearently the ESC should be able to take PWM.


    I’m not familiar with the motor controller you linked but it seems it would be much easier to connect the output of your Spektrum receiver to a Sabertooth or RoboteQ motor controller. While in RC mode, they calculate the mixing for you and can be adjusted in the firmware settings. If you need something other than a RC output, then I would recommend using an Arduino or some kind of MCU to convert the RC values. All of these items are listed on our website.

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