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    SDC2160 Hook-up; info on “PwrCtrl”?

    I’ve read the datasheet and it doesn’t give any information about the voltage levels or current required for operation. See page 4 of the datasheet.


    The current consumption is less than 1A. Max voltage is the max voltage for the sdc2160 60v. You can take a look in page 5 of the datasheet they show a wiring diagram connecting the main battery directly to PwrCtrl with 1A fuse.


    Thank you, do you know how much current can be drawn form Digital out? I’m hooking it up to control a relay like they show on page 5 so I’m assuming that it’s at least 500 mA and I’m guessing the same voltage that PwrCtrl is given?

    Thanks again for your help.


    The max sink current is 1A page 11. Yes you can use it like they show on page 5, but don’t connect more than 40V in the relay coil page 5.

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