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     Jerome Lowery

    Trying to build a variable speed motor control. 12v dc. (Automobile power window motor.)
    Purchased a HiLetgo 12V-40V 10A PWM DC Motor Speed Controller CVT Speed Switch Module.
    It worked for a while, then it said SNAP, then quit working.
    I saw a video of a guy that made his own controller. ( Now I can’t find it. )
    Luckily I did sketch the layout I think he made. Enclosed. ( I hope! )
    I have been beating my head against the wall. Searching for the parts he recommends.
    I’m looking for some CTC 1351 transistors WITH heat sinks that fits the unit on a breadboard.
    Also a 250K variable resistor.
    I am a complete moron when it comes to electronics.
    If some kind person could help find me the components that I’m looking for, I would be forever grateful.
    I am on kind of a limited budget, I don’t think I can afford one of the high price, heavy duty controllers.
    Also if I fry it I believe it would be fairly to swap out a new transistor.
    I’m also am open to any suggestions for another way.
    But PLEASE REMEMBER I need details, again I am a electronics moron.
    Thank You all in advanced.
    Image at https://imghostr.com/e7mDaqB8

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