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     Daniel Phelps

    I have an HD2 Treaded ATR with programmable Wi-Fi package… it also has the RC RC override. Recently our Spektrum was reset and we lost the “Mode 1” operation for a set of actuators. “Mode 0” was set to drive, while “mode 1” was set to operate a set of actuators on the bot…

    My question is.. I still have “mode 0” to drive.. but since the Spektrum was reset, we lost “Mode 1” to operate the actuators. The switch was assigned to the “flaps/gyro” switch… Ive gone through the arduino code.. but this is definitely a Spektrum problem. The model was not backed up as well.

    Any thoughts?

     Daniel Phelps


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    If the remote was reset then you might have to remap the mode switch to the correct receiver output. Does the robot still drive when the switch is on “mode 1”? I’m guessing you can still drive because the Arduino assumes mode 0 on startup. I might be a good idea to code a printout of the receiver PWM values in the Arduino source to see what’s going on.

     Daniel Phelps

    Yes.. It drives in both modes..

    Pin codes:

    // Hardware Pin Definitions
    // ****************************************************
    #define RC_SIGNAL_PIN A14
    #define RC_OVERRIDE_PIN A15
    #define RC_DRIVE_PIN A12
    #define RC_TURN_PIN A13

    #define PAN_SERVO_PIN 6 // Camera Servo Connections
    #define TILT_SERVO_PIN 7

     Daniel Phelps

    I’m assuming I would have to map OVERRIDE_PIN A15 (& the corresponding RX pin) TO THE “FLAPS/GYRO” switch?


    Okay. It sounds like you just need to remap the mode switch on the transmitter side to what ever channel pin A14 is connected to on the receiver. If that doesn’t work, printout the input values from the receiver in the Arduino serial monitor while flipping the switch on the transmitter.


    The mapping really depends how the values are applied in the Arduino code.

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