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     Jacob Beard

    Hello, I was hoping someone could answer a couple quick questions concerning these tracks specifically.

    Is there any way to determine the traction (or rather the friction) provided by these tracks on A36 Steel? I have my normal force already determined but I need to know what friction these tracks can provide in order to know if my bot will slip (especially when it is climbing up a wall and therefore only has 4 points of contact.)

    Secondly, is there any force from the wheel to the rubber holes which would cause the rubber around the holes to tear?

    Thank you for your time.


    Hi Jacob, there is a coefficient of friction value in this table for rubber on stainless steel, which would probably be a pretty similar situation. Keep in mind that this is going to be very subjective. If the metal or rubber is wet or has any sort of lubricant, oil, or any other material on it this number could change drastically. We have never seen the tracks tear around the holes for the wheels.

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     Jacob Beard

    Perfect, I will add this to my engineering specification report. Thank you for your resource and confirmation.

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