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    Would it be possible for you to document how the Switch/Fuse/Battery/Motor Controller hook up together? I haven’t found any good pictures that show how this should be done, and the video is mostly from a distance.

    I believe it is switch -> fuse -> battery and switch -> fuse -> motor controller, but I wasn’t sure how many fuses to use and where. The kit came with 6 fuses. I also wasn’t sure which terminals? to use on the bottom of the switch. There are 8 in total.

    BTW this is a new hobby so reading schematics isn’t real helpful for me.


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    There are a lot of ways things can be wired. A lot depends on the motors, motor controller, batteries, chargers, etc. There is no way we can cover all the possible variations that can be selected on our website. We have pictures all over our site on support pages. We also have a ton of schematics that are about as simple as they come. The schematics are offered here.

    If you are a point where you are not sure how to follow a schematic, etc. we offer assembly on all of our robot kits. We also have a lot of prebuilt robot kits too.


    It was bought as a kit so I had assumed it would be the same way you guys wire them. All I was asking for was pictures to help understand.


    The down side of having over 150 robots kits and each one has multiple configurations is there is not way to have pictures of every assembly configuration, there are too many variations. Some level of engineering and interpretation is required using the provided pictures and schematics. We provide several schematics and pictures of similar robots, and we are unable to support general wiring instructions. If your not comfortable doing this, assembly should be chosen. Thank you.


    Understood. The problem I had was that I was hooking the negative (black) to the switch along with the positive (red). The switch only needs the positive. Lesson learned.

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