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    I have an old zero turn mower that I stripped down and made RC. Using an 11.5hp gas engine to run the mower deck, two Jazzy gearbox motors (rpms are supposed to be roughly 120rpm at 24v), two 12v batteries in series, and a Sabertooth 2×32 controller. I have everything functioning like its supposed to, however the wheel speed is unbearably slow. Attached to the motors are 10 tooth sprockets running #40 chain to a larger toothed gear on rear wheel. Is there a way to make these power chair motors run faster with the Sabertooth 2×32, seems to be running very slow?


    If the motor is spinning at 120RPM with 24V, changing motor controllers is not going to make it run faster… It sounds like you need to change your gear reduction. The motor is a 10 tooth; what is wheel sprocket size? The bigger that is the more reduction you will have (more torque, less speed). If that is a 40 tooth sprocket, you have a 1:4 reduction, so your wheel speed will be 30RPM. As a side note a 2×32 is on the small side from wheel chair motors. You should be running a 2×60, because wheel chair motors will go well beyond 32A in a high load and potentially damage the motor controller

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