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     Che Martin

    Good Day,
    I wired the robot and loaded the arduino example code from the product page. However only one motor turns (connected to PWM A), in short incremental bursts. I know the other boards seem to work because when I switch the (INA, PWM and INB) cables of the working PWN boards, to another board the new board works/motor works and the previous board stops working. I also checked the continuity of all wires going into the digital input of the Arduino board and they are fine.

    I have 2 questions:

    1) Am I supposed to upload the files from the PWM and Buffer board pages.

    2) I also connected the FLYSKY RC that I purchased with my order. But according to the schematic diagram, Its using one channel. Is this the case? how will the other motors get signals ? Or am I supposed to wire each motor to a channel? is there a schematic for that?



    Hi Che,

    I just wanted to follow up from our phone call and provide a summary.

    Question 1:
    Yes, this would be the best approach. Using libraries from the individual device item pages will result in cleaner code and provide an easier way to make hardware changes.

    Question 2:
    The schematic only shows the power and ground hookup for the receiver. This connection only needs to be made once. The signal pins from the receiver can be connected to any of the analog pins on the Arduino. For a omni platforms, you’ll want three channels coming from the receiver to the Arduino.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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