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    Hello I am a disabled person and I am seeking to load and unload my scooter from the rear of a van via an access ramp all from my drivers seat. It has been suggested that a Sabertooth 2×25 motor controller, hobbyist radio controller and a couple of servos will be needed to vary speed, turn left and right and move forwards and backwards. I am not sure but I am practical and I am interested to learn. Are you please able to advise and provide the appropriate parts so that will do the job?



    Hello Mal. Thanks for reaching out.

    If all you need to do is control motor speeds, you might want to consider a RC control setup. The Sabertooth motor controllers are fairly simple to get up and running with RC control. Please review this manual for Sabertooth hookup and RC implementation.

    You’ll need to figure out the max payload and desired speed of this system and choose your motors accordingly. I’d imagine you’ll need something in the IG52 family. Each have a torque rating and RPM you can go off of. Please keep in mind that the Sabertooth 2×25 is rated for continuous 25 Amps per channel. This should be okay for the IG52 motors. If you need stronger motors, and higher current motor controller may be needed.

    As always, if you need our services in this project, please fill out a custom request form.

     Grace Stevens

    Thats really wonderful.


    Thank you for that. To clarify; the scooter has a single 24V motor and 2 x 12v / 12ah batteries. Since it only has the single motor I will need to figure out a way of achieving steering in addition to speed control. I am sorry that I did not mention this in my post. I imagine that braking will be via the existing electro magnetic process with no change needed in this area..Can you please advise how this information changes the / solution components required. Regards Mal


    Hi it looks like there has been some confusion in the questions and answers. What you are trying to do is really difficult and will require a lot of fabrication for steering and a lot of electrical work for the control. In this situation we would probably bypass the scooter electronics all together. You could keep the batteries but would need to use a sabertooth 2×32 for the drive motor. You only have one motor but the 2×32 has a wheelchair brake feature built in. That would be hooked to an RC receiver. You could then use the RC controller to drive forwards and backwards. Then for the steering we recommend using a linear actuator that has a potentiometer built in. We do not carry those but does and we have used them a lot with no issues. That simply plugs into the RC receiver and a 12 volt battery for power and will go in and out with a push of the joystick from your controller, but also center itself when you let go of the joystick. This is really helpful in driving remotely. Like I said this is a really difficult build and the problem with doing it this way is that you will have to keep driving the scooter with the RC controller even when you are sitting on it.

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