It’s been a busy year here at the SuperDroid Robots office and it’s hard to believe 2021 is almost over. The past twelve months have somehow gone by in a flash, while still being packed full of accomplishments and progress! Everyone put in a ton of work and you can see it at every turn.

SuperDroid Robots gets an Upgrade

Let’s start with the most obvious change to SuperDroid Robots. Our new website! October 2021 saw the launch of the redesigned site. We made updates to our site design, improved the checkout process, and are still hard at work making improvements to provide a smooth user experience!

Inspect the Uninspected

Our partnership with InterNACHI was a great way to start the year! Being able to host their webinar on our GPK-32 inspection robots provided us with an opportunity to connect with home inspectors on a much closer level. We’re extremely thankful for the relationship we’ve built with the members of InterNACHI and look forward to 2022!

Speaking of the GPK-32, it’s no surprise that this little robot has earned some recognition! At the time of writing this, we’ve sold almost 500 since it first rolled out in late 2018! 2021 was a huge year for the GPK-32 line, with over 240 trusty crawlers delivered to their inspectors over the past 12 months!

New Robots and More

December also saw the release of our latest GPK robot, our 4-wheel drive model! The GPK-32 4WD has more ground clearance, more power, and records HD video! We’re also unveiling the GRT1000, our most powerful tracked platform yet! Capable of hauling over 200 pounds, the GRT1000 offers a large, heavy-duty solution for any situation. We also have a few other robots in development that might roll out in early 2022.

Keep an eye out for more news on what’s happening here at SuperDroid Robots, and have a Happy New Year!


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