LT2-F “Bulldog” – Advanced Configuration

The LT2-F “Bulldog” Tactical Robot – Advanced Configuration is available with the following options:

    • 6-Axis Robotic Arm
    • Arm movement starts and stops smoothly
    • The drive camera and arm can be detached from the robot for use in low clearance areas and for easier to storage and transport.

4 Cameras:

  • Removable 30x Optical Zoom PTZ Camera with pan, tilt and zoom
  • Rear-facing IR camera
  • Tilt camera located on the nose of the robot
  • IR camera mounted on the robotic arm


Tactical Remote Features

  • New Graphical User Interface with modified touch screen options
  • Kinematic display with collision warning
  • Quad-View camera diplay on Microsoft 12″ Surface Pro tablet
  • Record video footage and snapshots. USB port access on controller
  • Two-way audio video experience


Watch the LT2/F tactical robot demonstrate several real-world applications in this new video.

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