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Here at SuperDroid Robots, we are always trying to find new ways to create amazing robots that just work.  We have added a new machine to our arsenal that will allow us to do even more!

Our new toy is the BXY-1500 Acrylic Vacuum Forming Machine, and it will add to our capabilities in so many ways.  Creating custom covers for our robots is one of the main ways we are going to employ it.

Think about how high powered remote control racing cars are crafted.  Many of them have custom covers, or shells, that are attached to them to make them appear to be NASCAR stock cars, or Tokyo drift cars, or anything the owner wants the RC car to look like.  Well you can do the same with a robot chassis, so we thought ‘why not?’

BXY-1500 Acrylic Vacuum Forming Machine

Basically the machine works like this:  A mold is created in the shape of what it is we want to make.  A sheet of acrylic is heated and lowered onto the mold and a vacuum is applied which forms the acrylic to the mold.  Once the acrylic has cooled a bit, it can be removed and used as a cover for one of our robots.

Since we are known for our amazing custom robots, this will give us the opportunity to add a protective case to any of our robots, but also just to make them look cool!

Protective covers are just one idea we are floating around, but we are sure that with this new addition we will be rolling out even more incredible robots.

So make sure to bookmark our site and check back to see what we are doing with this brand new toy!

We’d love to hear what you think!  As always, feel free to leave us a comment in the section below, or contact us here.


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