We’re only a week into the new year and there’s already a lot to talk about! We’re hard at work making new robots, as well as upgrading our existing platforms. To help everyone know what the latest changes are, we’ve put together the information below!

Our New Robots

The Newest Heavy-Duty Tracked Robot – GRT1000 (TP-250-001)

The GRT1000 is our latest release in all-terrain tracked platforms, built for durability and carrying capacity. A combination of powerful motors, heavy-duty tracks, and durable frame make this robot a real workhorse. It’s capable of carrying payloads of up to 200 pounds and can operate for several hours between charges.

Click here to learn more about the GRT1000

The Six-Wheel Drive ATR Platform – PCS1500-DM6 (TP-198-006)

Need a powerful robotic platform? Look no further than the PCS1500-DM6, our latest wheeled all-terrain robot! Officially replacing our WC1500-DM6, the PCS1500-DM6 brings more power, a better battery life, and is easier to modify for your project! It can carry up to 200 pounds over rough terrain, making it ideal for outdoor environments.

Customize your robot! You can choose from a variety of batteries, motors, and control options. You can even add a Wi-Fi package to control the platform through an online interface.

Click here to learn more about the PCS1500-DM6

The All-Wheel Drive Inspection Robot – GPK-32 4WD (TP-638-390)

We announced our new variant of the GPK-32 in our last post, but we still want you to know more about it! This inspection robot has some features that separate it from the other GPK-32’s. The most obvious change is the shift from tracks to wheels. While the tracks provide a low profile and fewer tangle points, the wheels have their own benefits. We’re able to double the motors, providing more power to the inspection robot. The wheels also increase the GPK-32’s ground clearance. These upgrades make it possible for the wheeled GPK-32 to clear higher ground obstacles while remaining small enough to fit almost anywhere.

Click here to learn more about the new GPK-32 with 4WD.

Updates to Our Robots

Not only are we rolling out some new robots, but we’re also giving a few others some updates and new features!

New Power for our Tethered Inspection Robot – MLT-JR Tethered (TP-637-000)

The MLT-JR tethered inspection robot has gotten a number of new features. The most obvious one being the new power source. We replaced the internal batteries for both the robot and it’s controller, with each now being powered by DeWalt batteries. Now you can extend your operating time, just swap out the battery and keep going!

We also now offer an upgrade for the camera, allowing you to choose between the standard RunCam and a 10x optical zoom camera! This zoom camera is great for capturing important details and inspecting zones outside your reach.

Click here to learn more about the MLT-JR Tethered Inspection Robot

Increased Storage for Custom Size Robots – IG42/52-SB4-T (TP-47-042/052)

Our most popular wheeled kits are getting a storage upgrade! The IG42-SB4-T and IG52-SB4-T have, until now, only had a flat lid. While the flat surface was great for mounting external components it didn’t provide much internal storage. Now, both wheeled robots have the option for a raised cover, offering more internal storage.

Additionally, the IG52-SB4-T now utilizes external motor mount tubes, making maintenance even easier!

Click here to visit the IG42-SB4-T product page

Click here to visit the IG52-SB4-T product page

Other New Products and Product Updates

We don’t just sell robots! Looking for electrical components like boards, batteries, or controllers? Need gear motors, wheels, or servos? Check out our inventory and find what you need. Below are some of our new products, as well as some updates on existing products.

  • MLT-JR Compliant 5-inch Track and Wheel Set (TD-372-000) – This track set is great for small platforms, offering a combination of good ground clearance, solid wheel design, and sturdy tracks. Click here to go to the product.
  • ATR Heavy-Duty Wheel and Shaft Set with Clamping Adapter (TD-373-013) – This set comes with all the components to connect a pair of 13-inch tiller tires onto an IG52 gear motor. It includes two 13-inch tires, shafts and hubs, clamping adapters, bearings, and the necessary hardware to connect them all together. Click here to go to the product.
  • IG52-SB Motor Mount Tube (TD-304-052) – This square tube mount has a new design to provide better support and attachment points. Click here to go to the product.
  • IG32/42-SB Motor Mount Tube (TD-056-342) – This square tube mount for the IG32 and IG42 motors has a new design that offers better support. Click here to go to the product.
  • K2 25.6V LiFePO4 Battery Pack 11.1Ahr (TE-142-024) – The manufacturer has upgraded this battery pack, increasing it to 11.1Ahr. Click here to go to the product.

That’s everything new that’s going on over here at SuperDroid Robots! We’ll make sure to keep you up to date on new robots, products, and more! Have a great rest of your month, and as always if you have any questions feel free to leave a message in our forum, or shoot us an email!


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