The 4WD inspection robot is tough, smart and versatile, designed for expansive ground-level surveillance. This robot is an enclosed 4WD inspection robot. Wi-fi enabled, The dome camera and 10″ pneumatic wheels are controlled by virtual joysticks on an 8″ dell tablet. During inspections, you

This robot is an IG42 Enclosed ATR. It is extremely rugged. The chassis is 1/8″ thick aluminum, made in house using our CNC Plasma table for a precision fit and then hand welded. It’s custom designed to fit our IG42 motors and all of the electronics. The motors allow this robot to climb hills and curbs at up to 320 feet/minute. We gave it a front bumper and axle-mounted wheels supported using sealed ball bearings.

The  Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) dome camera dome camera has 360 degrees of pan, 90 degrees of tilt, and a 10x optical zoom., Video Server, and LED light bar controled by the tablet program on an 8″ Dell tablet.

We provide a VB .NET application to monitor and control the robot. You get the source code, which you can customize.  Virtual joysticks steer the robot, and operate its lights and wheels. The joysticks also  work the camera’s zoom and focus, and snap between  preset positions.

The Pug is compact, light and fast. It’s designed for:

  • Remote Monitoring –  The Wi-Fi means you can can control this robot from anwhere
  • Remote Surveillance – The 360 Pan and 90 degree tilt camera with 10X Optical Zoom allows the robot to see everything.
  • Entry into difficult areas – This 4WD robot is very quick and has the ability to traverse many obstacles that often stop other robots.
  • Clearing rooms remotely – Clear rooms and buildings remotely with audio and video surveillance.

Bottom line? This robot is an excellent indor/outdoor inspection option, ideal for locations difficult to access.



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