Going the extra mile to bring our robots to your organization

SDR makes some of the hardest working, most advanced tactical robots anywhere and we are hitting the road again to prove it.

We will be completing our southern swing to Florida and surrounding states soon, and we’ll be restocking, reloading and getting ready to take the tour north.

What are we doing?

We know without question that we design, build and program the finest and most durable tactical and inspection robots around. We think the best way to show them off is to bring them to your organization and demonstrate what all they can do! We’ve visited many police and fire/rescue departments over the years and once you see our robots in action you’ll be blown away.

Our tactical robots are useful in so many ways….

  • Remote Surveillance
  • Hostage Situations
  • IED (Improvised Explosive Device) Inspection
  • Security and Patrol
  • Night Vision Surveillance
  • Etc…………..

SDR Tactical Demo Road Trip

How are we doing it?

We are embarking on a trip to northwest corner of New York in mid November and are scheduling demos along the way! If your organization is located in TN, NC, WV, IN, IL, OH, VA, PA or MD then you’re just what we are looking for.  Of course the entire state of New York is in our wheelhouse as well!

Once you schedule a demo, the SDR Mobile Support Vehicle will be on its way to show off some of the most amazing robotic technology you will ever see.

What if your organization isn’t located along our route?

Don’t act like we haven’t thought about that! Maybe you are located on the west coast, the mountain states or the western part of the mid-west….we can still make accommodations to show you what all our tactical and inspection robots can do for you.

Whether we ship a robot out with instructions on how to operate and try it out, or we fly in and show you the ropes, you will be surprised to find out how useful they can be.

At SuperDroid Robots we’ve been building quality robots for a long time. So contact us today to schedule a demonstration and prepare to be blown away. Click on the button below to get started now.



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