Exclusive $50 Discount on Inspection Robots for InterNACHI® Members

SuperDroid Robots Inc. is proud to announce their partnership with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors®, or InterNACHI®. InterNACHI® is the world’s leading association for home inspectors and provides a wide range of services to over 25,000 members across 65 countries. As part of this partnership, SuperDroid Robots is offering InterNACHI® members an exclusive discount on the GPK-32 Inspection Robot!

Since it’s initial release, the SuperDroid GPK-32 Wireless Inspection Robot has proven to be an invaluable tool for home inspectors. The GPK-32’s design and features are the result of feedback from inspectors. The compact design, easy to swap batteries, and HD recording make this affordable inspection robot perfect for crawlspace inspections and more.

The GPK-32 Zoom offers similar features to the GPK-32, but with a 10x zoom for precision capturing of details!

  1. John 10 months ago

    Hi there, I was wondering if there is any way to mount the camera and service on the front so that if the robot flips over than it will be able to record right side up or upside down? It appears this home inspection company bought your robot and modified it or bought it from you guys modified? https://www.cozyhomeinspection.com/crawlspace-inspection-robot.html This website is an example of what I am looking for…just in case the robot turns over trying to climb over pipes or debris.

  2. SuperDroid 10 months ago

    It is possible. The camera would be out in front and would be somewhat vulnerable especially if we put a tilt in it. We can not recess it into the body because the drive motors are there. With the wheelie bars that come with the GPK-32 it is pretty hard to flip upside down. Personally, I don’t think the juice is worth the squeeze on this, but if you want a customized GPK you can fill out this request:https://www.superdroidrobots.com/shop/custom.aspx/custom-robot-request/87/

    • John 10 months ago

      What would happen if the gpk-32 )the one with dewt battery and roll cage) flipped over? Would It still be drivable so I could get it out of the crawl space? This is my main concern. Thanks : )

  3. SuperDroid 10 months ago

    No. If you flip it over, you will have to crawl in and retrieve it. If you high center it or get it stuck, you will have to crawl in and get it. The robot is not intended to handle ever situation and make it so you never have to crawl under a house again. It’s a good tool for the majority of instances and can make the job easier and safer for 90+% of crawlspace inspections, but it will NOT be the right tool for every circumstance. As the operator you must be cognizant of its capabilities along with the limitations. There is no one tool that will handle all circumstances and scenerios.

  4. John 10 months ago

    Are there any discounts for this robot? I see the internachi one for $50 but I also see you guys have 20% off coupons pretty regularly. I’m not in a huge hurry to buy, but if you can give me 20% off I’ll buy one today. Please let me know. Thanks : )

  5. SuperDroid 10 months ago

    The GPK-32 is currently discounted on the site and the addition of the internachi discount code. There are no further discounts planned.

  6. John 10 months ago

    Okay 3 more questions. Does this camera zoom? If not, how much would it be to add a zoom camera? What camera does it use? If I need to upgrade to a zoom camera what camera do you use for the upgrade? How hard would it be to upgrade to a zoom camera in the future if I buy it as is? How hard would it be for me to add led lights to it on the future? Lastly, how water resistant is this…can it go through puddles under the house( if so how deep)? Thank you for your time! : )

    • SuperDroid 10 months ago

      We actually sell a variant of our GPK-32 with a zoom camera, which can be found here: https://www.superdroidrobots.com/shop/item.aspx/configurable-gpk-32-zoom-wireless-tracked-inspection-robot-with-zoom-camera/2816/

      As for the standard camera, the GPK-32 uses a RunCam2 which records in 1080p HD onto a MicroSD card. Both variants have two LED lights attached to the camera’s tilt bracket to keep your view well lit.

      As for your last question, we recommend avoiding standing water as well as any water coming down onto the top of the robot. Just like any electronic if water gets inside the housing it can damage the internal components. The GPK-32 can handle damp environments and mud, but you should avoid any sort of submersion if possible.

  7. SuperDroid 10 months ago

    The GPK-32 and GPK-32-Zoom are linked in this blog post. They are two separate items. You can not change the cameras out after purchase. The specifications for both robots are listed on the item pages linked in the post. We do not sell either GPK-32 without lights.

  8. John 10 months ago

    I guess I’m not sure why it is $800 more for a zoom camera and it doesn’t come with any of the accessories? Is there any way to get the internachi model with a zoom camera for $3000? That’s really all I’m willing to pay for a robot. Please let me know. Thanks

  9. John 10 months ago

    And when you say it can handle damp environments…does that mean it can be in the rain? Or will that get inside the housing?

  10. SuperDroid 10 months ago

    Sorry, no further discounts are available. The zoom camera is a lot more involved.

    • John 10 months ago

      I guess I’ll hold off then until the next set of discounts come out for your company. Thanks

  11. SuperDroid 10 months ago

    The camera is not sealed. If rain hits the camera electronics, it will likely have bad results. dampness is OK, but not direct water

  12. brewmaxwell 3 months ago

    Is there any way to get the internachi model with a zoom camera for $3000? That’s really all I’m willing to pay for a robot. Please let me know. Thanks

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