SuperDroid Tactical LT2-Bulldog Interacts with Students

Last week SuperDroid had the opportunity to travel to Virginia and demonstrate some of our robots for the students of Suffolk Christian Academy. Our team has always been dedicated to sparking a love of robotics in the next generation and this Robot Day demonstration was a fantastic chance to let the STEAM classes of SCA get to see some of our advanced robots in action! Over 200 students got to watch and interact with our Tactical LT2-Bulldog as it carefully took pencils and other objects out of their hands. They also got to see our GPK-32 Inspection Robot explore their classrooms!

Our goal in this Robot Day demonstration was to inspire students to think in new ways about robots and spark an interest in the concept of robotics. As part of that goal, we provided a donation of Tamiya Education Robot kits to the school’s second-through-fifth-grade STEAM classes. We want these students to develop critical thinking that it takes to build these robots, while also giving them a unique experience to remember for years to come. The kids also had an opportunity to draw their own robot designs and share them with us!

At the end of the day, we all had a great time at SCA and we can’t wait for the next opportunity to do something similar in the future!

Read the article from the Suffolk News-Herald here:


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