UPDATE 04/14/2021 : We’ve added a FAQ & Support page on our main support wiki. Visit https://wiki.sdrobots.com/index.php/GPK-32 for more information.

SuperDroid Robots is pleased to announce the release of the Advanced GPK-32 Wireless Inspection Robot. The robot was developed as a tool for use by home inspectors to take high quality photographs and video during their inspections. Included in the Advanced GPK-32 is a top mounted DeWalt battery system that replaces the internal Lithium Ion Polymer batteries. The improved system will last longer and allows the battery to snap in and out for easy replacement. A removable roll cage was designed to protect the robot’s camera system in the event of a rollover. Additionally, a detachable wheelie bar system helps stabilize the robot while crawling over objects.

The home, pest, and building inspection robot market is growing rapidly. SuperDroid Robots’ engineering team is always looking for ways to improve their products. The new enhancements for the GPK-32 make the robot more capable and flexible and they are available at an affordable price. The radio-controlled wireless inspection robot is a lightweight, compact robotic crawler designed to inspect tight spaces such as crawlspaces and attics.

SuperDroid Robots’ top mount battery design:

  • Resolves troubleshooting issues related to LiPo batteries
  • Easier to change and charge the batteries
  • Eliminates overload issues with low voltage protection
  • Uses industry-proven DeWalt battery, a trusted brand also interchangeable with other DeWalt tools

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