Here’s an inside peak into one of our side projects, the Trekker2. The Trekker robot kit was one of the original robots we sold to the general public. Now we’re looking at refreshing the robot in a big way. The Trekker2 Development Platform will support four mecanum wheels on a heavy duty aluminum chassis. This isn’t your garden variety “PCB Robot” platform our competitors are selling. The Trekker2 is definitively more powerful and sturdier than any other low-cost offering.

The Trekker2 will also offer a color touch screen for user input and will be powered by the Arduino platform. Our goal is to provide a powerful robot that can fit into most people’s budget that teaches the end user how hardware and software come together to make robots happen.

Stay tuned!


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  1. Wyldhunt 8 years ago

    Any price estimate yet?

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