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     Anup D


    I am looking for 12V DC motors with encoder for my project. The motor requirements (weight carrying capacity, motor speed)are pretty much similar to dc motors from ride on toys. (The only reason I can’t use dc motors from ride on toy is that it doesn’t come with encoders, otherwise they are perfect for my application).

    Sorry I don’t have technical info about my requirements (RPM, Torque, Stall Torque etc. as I am trying out something for the first time)

    Can someone suggest what motors would be suitable for my project ?

    Thank you.
    – Anup


    If you’re making a ride-on car then you’ll likely need an IG42 or IG52 motor. Unfortunately we don’t have any 12V IG42/52 motors with encoders in stock. You could try using a 24V IG52 motor (such as these: and running it at 12V and that may be good enough but won’t be ideal.

    We have some 12V IG32 motors with encoders but those won’t be powerful enough for what you’re trying to do.

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