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    A customer recently asked the following via email:

    Comments: – Hi, I was wondering if you could recommend the best approach for my situation. I’m wanting to use a single 36V battery to power my RC lawn mower, which includes two blade motors and the two wheel motors. The blade motors are rated for 50V, but I believe the wheel motors (from a wheelchair) are rated at 24V. So, is it possible to step down from 36V to 24V with enough amps? I’m not sure how much amperage the wheel motors will pull.

    Would you recommend a different approach instead? I’m trying to get away with just charging one battery.



    you can use a motor controller that is rated for 36+ volts and just not output 100%. Wheel chair motors are a lot of current. We have RoboteQ motor controllers that will handle the voltage and should be OK for the current, but you will have to make sure by looking up the details on the motors.

    review our motor controller support page for more details on how a motor controller works, etc.


    Thanks, that is helpful! It looks like those motor controllers would work, however, they are quite expensive and I’m trying to keep cost down where I can. Do you know of another less expensive way to achieve this?


    Unfortunately that is a lot of power and voltage… They definitely have more features than you probably need, but that is all we have that will work with that voltage and amperage.


    Ok, thanks again I appreciate it.

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