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    I am hoping you can help me. I would like to be able to control 3 actuators as well as the motors from 1 transmitter. If that is possible, would it be possible to get a schematic of the electronics to do that? My current set up is using 4 12v 35a batteries using a saber tooth 2×60 connected to 4 jet 7 wheel chair motors.

    Thank you for you time and expertise.


    Hi Dave,
    The easiest way to control the linear actuators would probably be with another motor controller. I don’t have a schematic on hand for controlling linear actuators, but you can treat them the same as you would a motor. Some good motor controllers for the linear actuators (depending on the size of your controllers) is the Syren 10A motor driver, or the Sabertooth 2x12A RC.

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