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    I purchased the TD-044-122 (IG42) motor with encoder. The encoder datasheet looks confusing.

    1. I want to know what “Pulses/Rev” value do I put in Roborun+ in the encoder setup?

    2. The rated speed of the gearmotor is 122 RPM and with gear ratio of 1:49, the encoder should be reporting a MAX speed of 122×49 = 5978RPM. How do I setup roborun to readback the true speed in RPM?


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    The IG42 is typically 10cpr per channel. you can use the roborun utility to count the pulses. by spinning the motor shaft. They are hall effect encoders and need to be calibrated. The pulses are at the motor, not the gear head. so you have to multiply out the gear ratio (so if you have a 1:49 gear reduction you will get 490cpr at the gear box output). The encoders need pull resistors on them to work with the RoboteQ. Please refer to our encoder support page for more help.

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