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    My 4wd electric wheelchair motor drives good for about 30 seconds and then takes off like a bat out of hell, spinning or full throttle in one direction? The wheel chair motors on each side are mounted to a piece of steel bolted to the frame. Not sure if a current is reaching both motors since they’re mounted on same surface? First time building here need some help please.


    Hi Kurt,
    just a few questions.
    What are you using for a motor controller?
    Are the brakes disengaged?
    are you using encoders?


    Im using sabertooth 2×60 brakes disengaged with no encoders.


    The brakes were removed so the little pin from the brake is exposed but no wiring is going to it. I drilled holes in the plywood so yhe tmotors could mount flush to the underside of the bot.




    Trying to include pic

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