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     Jerome Lowery

    If I get a Arduino Uno along with a ADXL345 – Triple-Axis Accelerometer
    Can I use these 2 objects to keep the top platform of a robot on a level plane no matter the angle of the base of the robot?
    ( 1 axis only )
    Also, how difficult is the Arduino to program. I have 0 experience on programing this device.
    And last thing, if anyone can suggest any other parts or different parts that would simplify this task.
    I selected these 2 items as a novice as that I really no experience in this field.
    Any and all comments would be appreciated.
    The more detailed, the better!
    Thank You !


    Hi Jerome,
    A lot of this depends on your robot. Are you making a two-wheeled balancing robot like the one on our site? you can use the ADXL345 with the Arduino, and it should work fine for the purpose of balancing a robot, or keeping it level.

    As far as programming, I would say it would be right between a beginner and advanced project as far as difficulty. But some times the best way to learn is to jump in head first. We do have example code for our balancing robot on our GitHub page if you need something to start with.

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     Jerome Lowery

    Thank you very much.
    I really appreciate your help.

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