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    I’m wondering whether superDroid robots are compatible with Robot Operating System (ROS)?

    specifically the 4WD All Terrain Heavy Duty Robot Platform – IG52 DB TP-170-052
    and the Wheeled Robot Platform Kits in general.

    thank you.


    Our robots will work with ROS but you will need to supply your own computer or SBC. For the motor controller you will need to select the Roboteq option. I’ve seen ROS drivers for the Roboteq SDC21xx line but I have not seen drivers for the Dimension Engineering Sabertooth motor controllers.

    However, the serial protocol to interface with the Sabertooth is rather simple so it wouldn’t take much leg work to roll your own.

    If you have a particular computer or SBC in mind, click on the link below and let us know. We can install all of the controls for you.


    Thank you

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