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    Ok, so I think I’ve figured this one out, but I just want to double check.

    The “Digital Out”s (DB15 P1 & P9) don’t actually OUTput anything, but are rather programmable switches so that you can connect an outside positive voltage from your motor battery, run it through a relay like on pg 5 of the manual and into the DB P1 or P9 (Digital Out pins). Then if you have the SDC2130 controller Digital Out pins configured to High “No MOSFET Failure” and check 1 & 2 (motors) the internal switch will allow the current to flow from the positive side of your battery, through your relay, Digital Out pin, and to the negative terminal of your motor battery. (see attached picture for configuration)

    Is this a correct? I’d like to know before I try.


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    OK so I found more information in “Roboteq Controllers User Manual v18” pg 45 that seams to confirm what I described in the above post.

    I would post a link to the manual mentioned above, but the forum software doesn’t appear to like that.

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