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    I am having some issues getting the motors to work using a Spektrum DX8 transmitter, AR400 receiver, and a Sabertooth 2×25 motor control. This is connected to a pair of 24 volt/14 amp wheel chair motors. I am powering all of this with a car battery with 13.1 volts.
    I have hooked the AR400 (elevator and aileron controls) to the Sabertooth using s1 and s2. I have hooked the throttle control to the 5 volt power and ground only (signal cable has been left loose). I can see that the AR400 is coming online. My current dip switch settings are 1 and 5 off with 2-4 and 6 on. Can someone please verify these are correct?

    I am able to drive the motor directly from the car battery with no issues.
    I am able to drive a micro servo from the AR400 on all channels.
    The only thing that I have not tried yet is to change the Sabertooth and try to drive it using a potentiometer. This is the next step.

    Looking for additional suggestions to get it working and to know if there are any issues with the Spektrum connecting to the sabertooth.




    For RC input, mixed mode and linear control your DIP switch should read out 01 11 11. For exponential control it should be 01 11 01, which appears to be what you have set.

    I would suggest commanding the motor controller with a different input mode, such as an analog pot to be sure that the motor controller itself is working properly. For that your DIP switch settings should be 11 11 01. Another option would be to use Dimension Engineering’s DEScribe software and a DELink. With this you can interface with the motor controller on your computer to see what’s going on and to configure it as needed.

    As for general issues interfacing a spectrum with the Sabertooth motor controller, some creeping is possible but typically that can be resolved by trimming the controls on the remote and re-binding.



    you might want to make sure the voltage is not dropping too low when you run the motors causing the sabertooth to error out due to low voltage

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