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    A customer recently asked:

    Dear all,

    we would like to have a quotation for

    DC motor controller Sabertooth Dual with XBee/Zigbee for remote controle

    two DC motors 12 A
    the range of RC controle is 1 mile


    The Sabertooth 2×12 has a serial interface. You could put the xBee directly to it, but this is strongly not recommended. We will not provide it, you would have to do it on your own. Mainly there will be no fail safe. When you get out of range (which you will if you are wanting to go a mile), the xBee will stop sending data, and the Sabertooth will continue with the last command. Its best to put an Arduino or similar micro controller in between both xBees to have check sums, packet validation, fail safe etc. It’s a rather involved process. We have one kit all built up for that already complete with a joystick. Programmable xBee Control Interface Package

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