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For this week’s Tech Thursday, we are introducing our new D-Shaft sprockets. These sprockets are custom designed and machined from high quality steel with a custom bore so that it fits the D-shaped shaft of our IG42 and IG52 motors. We have them in three sizes:

#25 10 tooth, 8mm bore
#25 15 tooth, 12mm bore
#35 10 tooth, 12mm bore

The 8mm bore fits the shaft of the IG42 motor while the 12mm is for the IG52 motor. The shape of the hole locks the sprocket’s rotation to the shaft, eliminating the need to rollpin the sprockets to the motor shafts. This is a simpler way to mount the sprockets as it does not require drilling a hole through the motor shaft, instead requiring only two set screws to keep from sliding on the motor shaft (don’t forget to use loctite). It is also makes a stronger joint. We are now using these in our IG42 DB and IG52 DB ATRs as well as in our LT2, LT2-F and HD2 robots.




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