indoor navigation system

Make your robot more autonomous than ever before

Here at SuperDroid Robots, we are known for our ability to design, program and build some of the best tactical and inspection robots in the world. In fact, when it comes to explosive ordinance disposal, we are ranked number four on the planet!

Even with such high accolades, we still get excited when we find something new and just ‘cool’ for our online shop.

This week we have added this great new Indoor Navigation Positioning System. It can turn your room, house, shop, factory-floor, mall, etc. into a mini GPS area, and it works much like the worldwide GPS system you already know.
Indoor Navigation System

How it works:

The system is made up of three components.


The stationary beacons are mounted to walls or ceilings to measure distance to other beacons and the “hedgehog” using ultrasonic pulses. They communicate with the router wirelessly in ISM band. Powered by a LiPo battery or USB. These act similarly to GPS satellites that are ‘stationary’ in orbit around Earth. Of course they are moving, but they appear to remain still in the sky as they orbit at the same speed that the Earth is turning. In this kit, the beacons are the satellites.

The mobile beacon (for some reason known as the ‘hedgehog’) acts like your GPS tracking unit in your car, mobile phone, handheld GPS device, etc. It gets mounted on your robot or drone, and provides information on its position to the indoor navigation modem.

The indoor navigation modem then calculates how far the hedgehog is from the stationary beacons at a rate of 16 times per second. So the modem is the brains of our GPS-like system!

The video below explains it in more detail.



This kit is affordable, easy to use, and best of all can be used for all sorts of applications with either a robot or drone.

Check it out in our online store where you can find a wide array of prebuilt robots, robot kits, and parts.


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