(Author’s note: 5/7/2021) The SGT-32P has been discontinued and replaced with our more popular GPK-32 Inspection Robot.

For more information on the GPK-32 please visit https://www.superdroidrobots.com/shop/item.aspx/ready-to-ship-fully-loaded-gpk-32-inspection-robot/2729/

SGT-32P Wireless Tracked Inspection Robot with GoPro Camera System

The SGT-32P Wireless Inspection Robot is a complete inspection robot package that comes standard with a GoPro Hero5 camera system. Record 4K HD quality video using the GoPro app and your smartphone or tablet (not included). Watch the Featured Video below for a demonstration.

The low-profile design allows the robot to gain entry into hard to reach places. High power LED lights mounted on the camera tilt bracket illuminates dark areas and provides ample visibility to record HD quality video on the GoPro. The robot is controlled with a Spektrum remote with an attached smart phone holder. Record 4K HD quality video directly onto the provided SD card. Video is transmitted wirelessly using the GoPro app. Video transmission is 100 feet in open space so limit obstructions to keep the wireless transmission to a minimum.


  • Tracked Robot with carry handle – assembled and tested
  • Spektrum Remote with smart phone holder (smart phone NOT provided)
  • Camera Tilt System for GoPro (-10 degrees to +70 degrees)
  • LED Lights mounted on tilt bracket
  • GoPro Hero5
  • Battery charger
  • 16GB micro SD Card

Available Upgrades:

  • Pelican Case
  • GoPro Hero6 Camera System

Featured Videos:

SGT-32 Customer Testimonial

Find out how SuperDroid Robots Wireless Inspection Robot helped one homeowner save $85,000 here.

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